Monday, April 5, 2010

Nice guys finish last.

I’ve come to a conclusion, nice guys finish last you have heard that before eh? Well okay but more likely than not every time you have heard it it’s been used in a cliché backwards meaning to show in the long term that karma pays off. FUCK KARMA. All i ever do for the girls in my life is try at every fucking turn to make them happy, even at the expense of my own self. Where has all this self sacrifice gotten me you ask? Well let’s see I’ve been cheated on 7 times and I’ve been told I’m not good enough countless more. Do you find it odd how the general gender rules are the guys as uncaring assholes and girls as the loving emotional caretakers I guess people get pissed off when these rules are broken. It’s strange how the more you devote yourself to making a person happy the less the fucking care how you feel. The way people relate to each other is a stupid thing and the more you try and figure it out the less anyone makes sense. I guess I should just be a douche, I guess I should just stop giving a shit about the people I care about and maybe they will give a shit about me for once.

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