Friday, March 19, 2010

Self Realization.

Free falling through your mind you find things about yourself you never knew you knew but have always known. Self realizations are comforting in small ways but everything that encompasses you has always been there and always will be. Can one thought change your entire life? One dream dictate the person that you are? It’s a fact of life that we want to change ourselves but the bane of our existence that we can’t. Ours lives and ourselves are defined by moments of crises there are few active decisions to improve ourselves and those few are short-lived. We improve ourselves because we have to and because it makes our lives easier. There are things I hate about myself and little I do to fix them staggered efforts here and there are all but helpful and the mind wanders to distant things. I hope you all out there can disagree with me and better yourselves. The sad reality being you can disagree with what i say, but you cannot shake the truth of my words.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Space Invaders.

Nobody thought it would happen like it did, like it does on TV. anyway. We actually held our own for a little while. They didn’t come with giant spider tanks or photon cannons, they had guns just like us they just shot father, hit harder and tore through our ranks like cardboard cut-outs. But there numbers.... they just kept coming eventually there just wasn’t enough of us left to fight anymore. They’ve gone now for the most part, they took what they needed (the remains of what resources we had left on the planet) and now all that remains are scouting parties looking for anything left to steal. It’s been 4 months since they first came. 4 months that’s all it took to destroy and entire race of people, humans are weak on the inside. They came without warning, no diplomacy no negotiations. They say the best defence is a good offence I guess they defended their planet well. We never even knew where it was you know there was a rumour going around that they didn’t even have a home planet, That there population was so vast they just roamed the universe looking for resources to supply there unstoppable growth. An entire civilization of planet pirates, still they must have come from somewhere and as one of the last inhabitants of this doomed orb I suppose all I can do is find out where the enders of life came from. I won’t fool you into thinking I’m some kind of hero or great warrior or anything like that, I’m just a dumb kid who got lucky. It really wasn’t that hard to survive in the months up too now the back yard bunker business has been lucrative in the way that everyone built one and barely anyone used them, all safe, all stocked full of supplies. Our race is down and our time here is at an end it is these sad facts that have prompted me to find out the answers to the questions I have and die alongside my people on my planet. There’s a mine in the town I grew up in I figure if any of them are left here that’s where they will be. As I walk these empty streets you’ll have to forgive my indifference to the decay of civilization around me, I’ve had more time with it than you and I suppose I just accept reality. The only reason I assume there are other people left here is because there’s no reason I should be the last one alive. The mine’s about an hour walk from here which makes it a good thing there are plenty of cars everywhere. I never got my licence not that it matters anymore I suppose. You realize just how pointless our rules and social constructs are when there is no reason to follow them anymore. I can see them now those alien bastards, I’m not worried though if I can see them they have seen me for miles and I’m not dead yet. As I pull up to their outpost (which is much more elaborate then I would’ve thought) 6 men come out to greet me with guns, they take aim. I throw my hands into the air and profess to them “Hold, I wish to die and I suppose at this point it’s only fitting that you be the ones to kill me, I ask you only one thing before I go I want to know who did this? Who could be so evil? And what wretched dark corner of the universe did you come from?” then men held steady but in the corner of my eye I saw someone walk towards me. He stood tall, pressed suit and a half cocked grin that ran too far up one side of his face. As he walked towards me he chuckled to himself briefly before drawing a pistol too my head “I’m sorry, didn’t we introduce ourselves? How rude, well let me be the first too say greetings, from earth”.